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MCB-DME has a combined 50 plus years experience within the medical industry. We specialize in pneumatic compression pumps, custom orthotics and prosthetics, along with off the shelf braces. Customer service and patient care is our #1 priority.

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Comprehensive Range of Capabilities

Delivering world class medical equipment

The Lymphedema Pump has a proven success rate with some patients seeing results in as quickly as two to three days if used as instructed.

MCB-DME partners with you and your patients for Personal In-Home Service

MCB-DME’s current clientele include over 100 doctors; all taking advantage of our personalized service and product guarantee. Services include:

  • Receiving The Product: Within 5 business days

  • Product Installation: Installing the product for the patient in the comfort of their own home. (Avg. Install takes one hour)

  • Product Education: Educating the patient on the product and proper use.

  • Repairs and Service: Any repairs or preventative service needed will be provided within 24-hours.


MCB-DME has a combined 30-plus years of experience within the medical industry between partners and owners. We provide durable medical equipment specializing in not only selling, but installing and servicing the pumps for your patients.

Medical Equipment

MCB-DME has a combined 30-plus years of experience within the medical industry between partners and owners. We provide durable medical equipment specializing in not only selling, but installing and servicing the pumps for your patients.

Working Hours

Monday 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Tuesday 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Wednesday 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Thursday 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Friday 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Saturday – Sunday CLOSED

Services & Products We Offer:

We offer the best in Durable Medical Equipment supplies and accessories with the highest in quality of fabrication and dependability. Take a look at vast inventory and find the medical equipment you need with our categorized inventory system.

Prosthetics & Orthotics

Our mission is to be a provider of highest quality Prosthetic and Orthotic patient care. We will empower our patients to achieve maximum comfort, mobility, and lead dignified lives. We are committed to providing state of the art technology and superior customer service experiences to our patients and communities

We are excited to announce the release of our National Indicator Report on Cancer-Related Lymphedema (LE). The report is a groundbreaking publication that provides the state of lymphedema knowledge and care in the United States. This first-of-its-kind report addresses the critical shortage of public health data regarding lymphedema’s impact and equips you with discussion points to advocate.

How to Advocate: Share the Report

Download the Communications Toolkit by clicking on the blue download button under the report. This toolkit contains a variety of assets designed to help you share the report with three key audiences: Advocates, Healthcare Professionals, and Policymakers. Maximizing the reach of the report is crucial for advancing the future of lymphatic disease care and awareness.

Facts You Need to Know

  • An estimated 10 million Americans live with lymphedema
  • Lymphedema spares no one: people of all ages, sex, races, ethnicities, and socioeconomic status are affected
  • Lymphedema is often overlooked, leading to delayed diagnosis and treatment
  • Gaps in medical education contribute to low awareness among providers
  • For free support in navigating the challenges of lymphatic disease, visit the LE&RN Resource Center or call 1-855-378-8163 to connect with an expert.
Elias Fakury
Elias Fakury
Service was amazing and staff is on point.
Eugene K
Eugene K
Great Company, great product and yes - great service! Had wonderful experience with company Rep who came to our home, provided all needed setup and instructions and answered all our questions. Product works wonders! Thank you, Sal and everyone! Happy Holidays! Eugene with Irina C.
Judy Bargstadt
Judy Bargstadt
After I sprained my wrist I was referred to MCBDME for a brace. The team was great and I received my brace very quickly. I would highly recommend this company!
George Kattak
George Kattak
I have suffered for many years with swollen legs, my doctor recommended a lymphedema pump and suggested I contact MCBDME. When I contacted them I was greeted by a very knowledgeable and professional member of the office staff. They made the appointment around my schedule and fit me with the device and did not leave until I was comfortable using it. They followed up with me the next day to make sure all was good. I can't say enough good things about the level of care this company took with me. I highly recommend them for your medical device needs, they are awesome!
Elijah Muhammad
Elijah Muhammad
Finally I can wear my shoes, over the last 5 years or so my feet and legs weee always swollen. Since using your product I can finally wear my shoes. Thank you aHoly Name hospital for recommending this solution.
John Lubyck
John Lubyck
I really tried to leave an honest, truthful review, but due to my PC lack of knowledge, some thing didn't work?...BUT what I have to express is 100% total satisfaction with this company, and their employees!....And that's due to the knowledge, understanding, concern, compassion and professionalism, that you don't find in many places today! The two employees that I dealt with, one being Michele, that was most frequent, was completely knowledgeable of my needs, and I presented an additional psychological problem in addition to my diagnosed condition, and was successful in every way to eliminate the concern!...I now receive a great deal of added comfort Thanks to them!...In my expressed opinion, I find this location 100% knowledgeable, and above all professional!...From the bottom of my heart, now and in the future, THANK YOU!....I'm so happy that I was referred to you, instead of some one else!...John Lubyck
Mikhail Galkin
Mikhail Galkin
There are very professional people who care about their customers and provide them with everything they need based on their conditions and requests.
theresa pryor
theresa pryor
While my Sister was living with me, this worked Wonders!

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